The Safe Place

For 13 year olds plus

Author: Don Cronk,

Illustrator: Elissa Heffernan

Publisher: Billabongvalley Publications, 2011

Paper back, 131 Pages

ISBN: 9780980453843




You will befriend, 13 year old Shane, a young Thai boy, who works with a team of dog catchers and vets to learn all about street dogs, as well as how to live his live meaningfully. He journeys through these pages at times poignantly sad, and at others hilariously funny. The team battle disease, rampaging monkeys and even a Tsunami in their effects to provide a safe place for the stray dogs and cats.

Based on a true story with many real and revealing situations, You will come to love the characters of canines such as the three legged Milo, Snouser, the Sgt. Major and a very wicked black and tan Doberman who is hopelessly out of place on the island paradise of Phuket. This is a book for children but also for anyone who cared about the street dogs and cats as the battle for their very existence. The best thing is that every time you buy a copy of the book a portion of that sale goes to the Soi Dog Foudation.

Price: $20.00

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