Teenage Space Station Jeremy

For 15 years old Plus

Author: Don Cronk

Publisher: Billabongvelly Publication, 2009

Paperback | 176 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9577194-0-8





The sound of the rhythmic beating of the heart muscle echoed along the computer filled corridor, lulling all the occupants into a trance-like slumber.

On a large table placed squarely in the centre of the room was a motion picture camera, showing new dreams and ideas, along with repeats. The films were piled up to the ceiling, all numbered and set in order by the one little figure dressed in a black robe.

He was one of the robed ones that looked after 15 years old Jeremy, whose brain hadn’t been switched on yet. Until that time came he would continue dashing about throughout the night changing films as thy came to an end. Often there were delays throughout the night as he searched dutifully through his endless array of movie canisters to find an especially good film.



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