Down Under Excuses

For 12 - 15 year olds

Author: Don Cronk,

Publisher: Billabongvalley Publications, 2012

Paper back, 49 Pages





I was tied up in the garden by killer alien weeds. I had to protect my family. There was no time for homework.

“The reason I didn’t clean my room Dad is I was busy capturing a gang of thieves and trying to save you from life in prison. A psycho kid was trying to shoot me with your gun.”

“What have you done to our house?” shouted Mum.
“My little sister made me set fire to it,” I tried to explain. “She’s possessed by demons and needs to be destroyed.”

“Dad! I can explain,” I shouted triumphantly. “It was doodlebug 2KY. It captured me and kept blowing up your computers. The bug blew up 50 of your computers but the good news is I managed to survive.”
“Not for long,” growled my dad.

Price: $20.00

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