Billabong Valley North

For 7 - 10 year olds

Author: Don Cronk,

Illustrator: Ian Coate

Publisher: Billabongvalley Publications, 2002

Paper back, 124 Pages

ISBN: 1553696611


Travel through seven adventurous stories, in a land lost in time, with the Billabong Valley Gang. Struggle through magic, mystery, turmoil and escape disaster with only a wombat’s whisker to spare. You’ll cross a land fraught with perilous intrigue. Witness the evil sorcery of the Ghost Bat who haunts the caves of Skullvern. Run from the treacherous Bunyip Swamp. Tame a wild emu. Seek out hidden treasures. Solve the mystery at Magic Manor. Dare to awaken the I-Wanna-Monster. And for a little bit of extra fun. Behold the Water Spirit’s wrath.

So com and ride your emu across the valley with the five children and be ready at every turn to shout the war cry that unites them as one… Billabong Valley!

Price: $20.00

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