Billabong Valley South

For 7 - 10 year olds

Author: Don Cronk,

Illustrator: Elissa Hotchkin

Publisher: Billabongvalley Publications, 2008

Paper back, 132 Pages

ISBN: 0980453801



Once again the Billabong Valley gang are off on seven new adventures. Watch as the South Valley spinifex mouse warriors humble a mighty legend. Stand up to the Ruttish one armed swordbeast. Dare to dream the Great Dream. Fall into a black hole and survive. Temujin the bursh-tailed bettong has come to South Valley. The evil one has arrived. Bar-Bar a giant flying fox and his gang have invaded Round-Tree Island. Who can defeat ten thousand flying foxes? Prepare yourself for the final battle. If the gang lose this fight it truly will be the Final Chapter... Find somewhere safe to read these stories. Your goal is to survive them. Are you up to the challenge?

Price: $20.00

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