Billabong Valley East

For 7 - 10 year olds

Author: Don Cronk,

Publisher: Billabongvalley Publications, 2007

Paper back, 132 Pages

ISBN: 0957719493



Come and join the Billabong Valley gang on seven adventure stories in the East Valley. But first take heed. Beware the wrath of Zeus. Discover the mystery that haunts the seven red stones. What adventure lurks in the Stranger's Cabin? If you're afraid of ghosts don't go to Pelican Point. Dare to draw your sword against Big Vecca. Stop the Horny Devils from using their stolen cauldron. And after all that if you still thirst for more adventure rid the Library of Wisdom of the mischievous Lyre bird... There's no time to waste so ride your emu with your sword held high shouting out the warrior's battle cry... "Billabong Valley!" 

Price: $20.00

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