Don Cronk has published 15 books and DVD’s over a 30 year writing career. He lives in Perth Western Australia. Thanks to skype and the internet he is never too far away to help another writer. He has taught at the University in Perth and also was head of the Norther District Writers Club for 10 years.

Once Don has opened up your writer’s eye (that imaginary world where you are in charge of all the characters and scenes.) you will learn how to turn it on day or night. Some of Don’s greatest ideas have come while he vacuums the floors. This could happen to you and all you have to do is write those ideas down and later work them into a story. How good is that? It can take as little as 30 minutes to write a story. View the following which I’m making up as you read the story…

Many magazines and newspapers want stories and articles. There is plenty of time to write even if you work full time. Email doncronk09@gmail.com today to find out how you can fit writing into your busy schedule.

What are you waiting for? Don’s books have been on the same shelf and right next to Harry Potter’s books. Yours could be there too one day. You are just one email away from getting started. People who have come to Billabong Valley over the years all agree on one thing…Billabong Valley is the write place..


Our current artist working for Billabong Valley Publications is Junghyeon Kwon who lives in Los Angeles. If you need artwork done for a project we can organize for you to talk direct to the artist and work out a solution that suits you. It doesn't matter where you live we can work with anyone from anywhere.