If you want to become a writer or you would like to publish your own book you’ve come to the write place. Billabong Valley has been up and running for 20 years with author Don Cronk at the helm. Don has had fifteen books published and has helped countless writers to achieve their dream of having their book self-published.

Many writers have come to Billabong Valley over the years. Some come to get advice on how to write a story while others would like to publish their own material.



We edit- do artwork for covers and interior design. We create web sites and compile your manuscript into a book. Our printer is reliable and finishes projects on time. When you have printed your book we will show you marketing strategies. We can even ghost write your MS for those with ideas but lack the skills to put pen to paper.

You can email doncronk09@gmail.com to discuss how to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper with a finished professionally presented book as your product to sell and show to your friends and family.


 The books on sale from this site can be purchased via pay pal. When you print your book it will be added to our site for sale. We take no money from your sale. You only pay for us to set up artwork and printing. Advice is free.

We are currently excepting students who want to study writing as a profession or maybe you only have one book in mind. Don’t wait for the day when you think you’ll have time to yourself; to write. That will never happen. Learn how to mix your daily life activities with writing. Email Don now! Saying I’ll do it tomorrow is just an easy way to avoid starting today.